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I am a full time graphic designer with 8 years of design experience across mediums of print, digital and web. I have collaborated with marketing and advertising executives and led small businesses to create high visual content that drives increased company revenue. Currently I work for R&G Events, though for now at a freelance basis. I am one of their graphic designers, tak- ing lead in the design works requested for by clients and by the company.

Before I begin any kind of artwork, I first do extensive research on the
design, and I look for what is in fashion and trending and up to date with
time relevant to your target audience and desired objective. I believe that change is inevitable, and cannot be avoided, so I like to keep up to date with current design styles and fonts. This helps clients to reach out to a wider audi- ence and stay relevant in terms of digital advertising.

In my spare time, I love to work on great freelance jobs; usually jobs such as; social media content creation, logo design, branding and even photo ma- nipulation

I like to challenge myself when it comes to designing, particularly with
work I have never done before, there is something exciting about designing
something for the very first time. It forces me to stimulate my creativity, and keeps me up to date with current design styles and layouts.

I am a born again Christian who enjoys the presence of God, reading and sharing His word. I have a blog and facebook page called Revelation
Centre where I share the word of God, and motivate other young Christians like me.

I am Mundia Malumani and this is my portfolio. 


Senior Graphic Designer

  • R&G Events
  • 18/02/2024 - continue

Senior graphic designer, leading a team of 4 designers who also have skills in web and video editing.

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